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Unlock your personal code to a healthy lifestyle

#FITGIRLCODE was started by two girls who captured their fit journey on Instagram. After a few weeks it was noticeable that there was an audience who felt the need for practical and mindful tips to work out and eat healthy. In the beginning of 2014 #FITGIRLCODE launched a simple yet effective blog to provide the fit community to their needs.

After a few months the platform already reached a total of 50.000 global and unique visitors. By implementing a smart and intelligent strategy through online advertisements, advertorials, editorials and merchandising #FITGIRLCODE was able to step up their game up by launching a new and improved platform in 2015.

From the beginning on I was responsible for all of the creative visuals visible on the #FITGIRLCODE platform, social media and design of the content platform / webshop.

Year 2014 / 2015 Client #FITGIRLCODE Art Direction and Design

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Merchandise and apparel design
Photography by Victor Kruijt

#FITGIRLCODE's webshop

To sell the #FITGIRLCODE merchandise I have designed a SEO and mobile optimized webshop. I also took care for the design of the merchandising including #FITGIRLCODE’s original quotes such as “Do your squats, eat your vegetables, wear red lipstick, don’t let boys be mean to you”. 

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