Jamila Winwood

Content Platform, Identity

Jamila Winwood

An identity that goes way back

Jamila Winwood focuses on human well-being both physically and mentally. With her knowledge and background as hormone trainer she knows how the human body works. During the process of designing her identity I had the honor to have a look in the positive memories of Jamila Winwood’s past. This resulted in a logo that combines her rich cultures, ethnicity and valuable memories. Apart from designing an authentic logo I have created a content platform where the target audience can gain knowledge and practical tips.

Year 2015 Client Jamila Winwood Art Direction and Design

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Photography by Paulina Arcklin

Creating a loyal group of followers

Before the launch of Jamila Winwood’s content platform we had to create a consistent group of loyal followers. This was achieved by the use of Facebook and to activate The Healthy Ramadan Challenge. The Healthy Ramadan Challenge was an immediate hit by gaining 2.4000 involved participants in nearly a week! As a result, the participants formed a community themselves and contributed to the content creation of The Healthy Ramadan Challenge.