MediCapital Group

Corporate Identity

MediCapital Group

Corporate Identity

“MediCapital Group is the only independent medical equipment service provider that is able to finance medical equipment projects in addition to deliver added value.” As a global player in financial & logistical solutions for the medical equipment industry, their aspiring and reliable approach should be reflected through a new and visionary corporate identity. Commissioned and in collaboration with Poet Farmer we made this happen.

Commissioned by Poet Farmer I have created and designed a new Corporate Identity.

Y 2014 Client MediCapital Group Art Direction and Design

Distinction in corporate and thematic flyers

Corporate flyer

Set of Icons

By making use of clear and evident visual material in support of the message, the reliability of MediCapital Group is ensured. In addition to the Corporate Identity I designed a unique set of icons that reflects their services within the medical field. MediCapital Group is the mother organization for the underlying departments e.g. MediRent. Therefore

I created a corporate and a thematic design to distinguish the departments from the mother organization while communicating the same and clear message.